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Interceptor Heart Worm Med Dangerous
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I do not know anything about this product, called Interceptor, but thought I would pass on this lady's warning. -  Adelle

Julia  Sharp  Houston, Texas   June 16, 2007

 Until I know more, do NOT use INTERCEPTOR.

I lost my precious Itty Bitty on May 10th, right after giving INTERCEPTOR  to my dogs. I have used this product for a long time.
Late Thrusday night, I gave INTERCEPTOR to all my dogs, very early this morning, Jimmy was staggering, could not walk, panting very hard and his mouth was cold. I scooped him up and we rushed to the vets, with me paging my vet  the whole way. Jimmy died in my car on route. My beautiful, super intelligent Jimmy Dingo dog is gone. Jimmy was one of the smartest beings I have ever encountered in my life. He was a Carolina dog aka American Dingo. He was not  like my other dogs. Jimmy understood humor.

Jimmy was fine last night. He was fine, just like Itty Bitty was fine the night before. Yes, he is old but like I said, he was fine and showing absolutely no symptoms of anything being wrong last night. We played, I cut his  nails, we cuddled...and it does not seem possible that he is gone but he is.  The only common denominator is the INTERCEPTOR. I do not have toxics in my  house. I clean with vinegar and baking soda and natural non toxic cleaners. The most toxic substance I have in my home is Frontline Spray and it is put away safely behind child locks. The dogs are due to be sprayed but I am holding  off now until I know all are safe from the INTERCPETOR.
 I left my darling boy at the vets office for necropsy on Monday. I will know more Monday afternoon.

I do not know what to do with this overwhelming grief. I have experienced much loss in my life but never 2 so special so close together like this. The only reason I can type this email is I do not want what has happened to me and my babies to happen to anyone else. If there is any possibility that this HW prevention caused my babies deaths, I would feel horrible if I did not issue some kind of warning. If it turns out it wasn't the product that killed my dogs, it won't matter if you are a few days late. Just NOT give INTERCEPTOR until I know more.

It may be coincidence but I do not want to take chances. With all the food issues and other garbage going on, who knows? The INTERCEPTOR may be another  one of the dangerous products. I would not forgive myself if this happens to someone else.
Please say a prayer for us. I honestly cannot take anymore. I do my best to give my dogs the best care possible and now this.

Much Love...and I will  update Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning with the necropsy
results...Julia  Sharp  Houston, Texas   June 16, 2007

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